Welcome to SimsFiction!

First of all a few words about me. I’ve playing Sims for two years by now and I love this game. I also love writing. I discovered my passion for writing when I volunteered to transcribe a few texts for a friend of mine. That was a great experience indeed! But all of this was in my native language, which is not English.

What I most like doing in Sims is creating stories. I published some of them in “Create a Story” but then I removed then. Personally I don’t find the section very attractive. I find it’s format a little limited.

But my first idea of creating a blog was when I decided to take part of the Sims Forum Challenge “Adam&Eve”. My story was getting so big that I had a hard time to find it’s parts in the forum. So I created my first blog: http://eliroc.wordpress.com.

In this blog you’ll find mostly stories, a few pictures and the Alexia’s Diary, which is an ongoing story of a teen. The whole story goes on while she write her daily experiences in a diary.

I do hope you enjoy the reading and – please! – forgive me for the bad English and for the weird expressions you may find. Sometimes I manage to get my boyfriend to correct a few paragraphs but, unfortunately, he doesn’t always have time.

(If you like it, please, do leave a message or just “like” it, tks šŸ™‚

All the best!


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